Non-inflationary Yield / Reward System 🟢

Frictionless Yield generator

SOAR is an ERC-20 with a frictionless yield generator mechanism that applies a 1% fee on every transfer and instantly distributes it among holders. This is the easiest form of yield generating that exists today. Holders do not need to deposit tokens anywhere and wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and automatically reflected in the holders' balance. There is no inflation in SOAR tokens, as the same tokens are redistributed among holders based on transaction volume. 10M tokens will always stay 10M tokens.

APY is difficult to calculate as the rewards are based on transaction volume, which is constantly fluctuating. Still, as an example, in the first 3 weeks of SOAR, the system has distributed an impressive +100,000USD worth of SOAR to our 1000+ holders.

This adds up to over 220% API on top of a non-inflationary token mechanism.

The rewards should perpetually increase with the Volume Harvester and all our future products.