✅ Liquidity Migrator

The Liquidity Migrator is a smart contract that allows seamlessly swapping the liquidity from one pool to another.

Liquidity Migrator's mechanism

Scenario: An entity owns a total valuation of 100 ETH liquidity in, "TOKEN_X" pool. What happens next?

Note: We used Project X as a placeholder to explain the concept.

Based on the design above, we have 2 synopses:

Synopsis 1: User_X, who provided liquidity, wants to withdraw his tokens. There is liquidity to sell X_Token (Basic Swap).

Synopsis 2: User_Y is the (token creator/LP owner) who withdraws all liquidity and swaps all his holdings from the previous Liquidity Pool to SOAR. (Complete absorption).

Process Explanation:

The first action required is to connect your wallet to the Liquidity Migrator smart contract. After you have connected your wallet, the second action is to "Withdraw Liquidity" of the token-pair contract, which the user inputs into the first field of Liquidity Migrator dApp. Liquidity Migrator dApp will then display all the transaction info you need to know before swapping and request your confirmation. Secondly, the smart-contract will automatically evaluate your tokens and the ability to sell them. Based on that, it will perform either Synopsis 1 or Synopsis 2.

Synopsis 1: If Project_X tokens after withdrawing liquidity are worth more than 0,5 ETH, it will swap all Project X tokens to SOAR (worth 50 ETH based on the system above). Lastly, it will provide liquidity to SOAR LP automatically using the 50 ETH left and the SOAR purchased.

Synopsis 2: If the Project_X tokens have no value as there is no liquidity left to sell, the smart contract will split only the ETH available and buy 25 ETH worth of SOAR on the market to provide liquidity to SOAR LP alongside the rest of the ETH.

SOAR.FI aims to solve essential issues investors face when they engage with their Liquidity Pools while also building an increasingly liquid ecosystem.

On top of that, the Migrator Contract can help countless projects repay their investors by getting absorbed in SOAR, a net win-win for both X_token's community and current SOAR token holders.

We extend the same courtesy to other DeFi projects and looking forward to discussing a potential collaboration.