Farming SOARX 👨‍🌾

How are we incentivizing the users to build an increasingly liquid ecosystem?

SOARX will be the utility token of the SOAR ecosystem and everything that revolves around the MetaLabs. (MetaLabs will be a launchpad for community curated projects) - More details about the MetaLabs will be released via Medium.

The primary benefit of the SOARX holders will be to automatically whitelist and get a guaranteed spot on MetaLabs token sales.

SOARX farming begins after the launch of the Liquidity Migrator.

To be eligible and start farming SOARX, users have to add liquidity to SOAR/ETH pool by swapping it through the Liquidity Migrator. Once a user swaps or adds liquidity to SOAR, the user becomes eligible. Rewards will be calculated based on the share of the pool and the total time of liquidity providing.

SOARX will be distributed fairly and among eligible holders before MetaLabs launches.

SOARX will also function as an "Insurance Fund Token" for all SOAR.Fi products.

SOARX main points:

  1. Participate in token sales on v platform

  2. Insurance fund for SOAR foundation.

  3. Farmable

  4. Limited supply

  5. Utility token

Note: Details are subjected to change as we proceed with the development.