SOAR.FI Vision ๐Ÿ”ฎ
The Novel Liqudity Congregator
SOAR.Fi is a decentralized framework for liquidity control.
SOAR has built a novel product called the Liquidity Migrator, which at its core is a smart contract that allows the seamless swap of liquidity from one pool to another. Its primary purpose is to merge residual liquidity across Uniswap and become an ever-increasing liquidity shelter for the Ethereum community.
The first product will be the Migrator for the Unlocked Liquidity, which will enable users to swap their liquidity instantly from X_Pool to SOAR pool. (See Liquidity Migrator section)
The second product will introduce users a way to use their locked liquidity through a novel LP Lending system. The Locked Liquidity Lender is still conceptualizing internally, and more details will be provided as the concept takes shape.
There was no pre-sale for SOAR.
SOAR has been launched fairly by a team of developers, which provided the liquidity on launch + an airdrop to over 400 wallets.
Transparency Report
SOAR token main points:
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    Fairly launched
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"SOARs' purpose is to accumulate residual liquidity across Uniswap, existing beneath projects with no current plans or active development, and become an ever-increasing ecosystem of users and liquidity. You may think of Soar as โ€œthe black-hole of DeFi with good intentions.โ€ (0xSOAR, founder)
The ecosystem's success will depend on product development, liquidity, and market cap increase.
Although we work full-time to develop novel products in the DeFi space, please note that none of the above are guaranteed. SOAR.Fi and its products have an experimental nature and could always result in an unexpected outcome.
GitBook documents are subjected to change as we proceed to improve our products daily.
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